Friday, November 03, 2006


I went to the 2006 Halloween Parade in the Village with my girl, Camille. Overall, the most popular costumes seemed to be Borat, The Crocodile Hunter, cross-dresser (millions of men use Halloween as an excuse to dress in drag), Jack Sparrow, and all the classic Hollywood monsters. Here are some pictures that we tried to snap (though the crowds).

These are people begging the crowd for money, proving that this is authentic NYC entertainment.

This little girl had a great seat on her mother's shoulders, but would freak out every time the "monsters" came near her. What a wuss.

There was a good population of blow-up dolls in the parade.

The whole crew from Street Fighter 2.

This guy thought he was so rad.

And I am not sure what this guy was supposed to be, but he had quite a set of boobies.

Basically Santa works in the postal service.

This dude thought he was hot. "Dressing in women's clothing is sooo liberating."

...and the lazy, overpaid, non-skilled workers of the MTA tried to strike...please.

I was so psyched when the two people dresses as Myspace profiles walked by and people were yelling all their complains about its horrible service to them.

This was the best Superman. Camille suspected him of being a child molester.

The funny part is that this dude was not much smaller than the inflatable suit.

The Foundation skateboard team.

This lady almost made Camille vomit. She was rubbing all over her fake coot and floppy titties.

One of the million Crocodile Hunters. Those are stingray.

Imagine how awesome it would be to knock these fools over...

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