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2014 Instagram Year In Review: April - June

In continuation of a Year In Review based on the Instagram posts from my @elasticback account, here is the second installment from April through June of 2014.

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Date: 4.6.14
Caption: @azmystic killing it with her new gold jacket that she is going to give me...
Geo-tag: Odessa Restaurant
Additional Comment: When Asmite used to visit me at work. She never gave me the jacket.

Date: 4.8.14
Caption: Wut r u doin, @leothelipski?
Additional Comment: Bail pictures are sometimes way more chill than the makes.

Date: 4.9.14
Caption: Came up!
Tags: #nikonf100 #50mm #lens #UVfilter #polarizingfilter #ndfilter #kodak #portra800 #ilford #delta3200 #35mm #film
Geo-tag: Adorama
Additional Comment: Game changer. Finally got a new (used) 35mm camera since my old one was hardly getting the job done anymore.

Date: 4.10.14
Caption: @azurite_blue mooned me on his rooftop...
Additional Comment: Darnell invited me over so he could show me his cosmetology (or something).

Date: 4.14.14
Caption: Been skating the same two blocks for hours because we can. Sup?
User Tags: @matt__town, @stillweii,@mandibleclaw, @epiclytaylerd

Date: 4.15.14
Caption: @morishitayuuki wallrides while @matt__town pole dances in the back...
Additional Comment: When I first officially met/skated with Mori!

Date: 4.15.14
Tags: #bloodmoon #blametheclouds
User Tags: @yandynyc @azurite_blue
Additional Comment: There was all this hype about the ‘Blood Moon’ that was supposed to be visible this night…but it was all overcast. Andy showed us another moon.

Date: 4.15.14
Caption: Turn down for selfies!
Additional Comment: Took a lot less selfies this year.

Date: 4.17.14
Caption: Mop the spot for that clean pop.
User Tags: lucas.knight _admin
Additional Comment: That time Jeremie stole a mop off the back of a store to sweep this spot in downtown BK…

Date: 4.18.14
Caption: Nadine's #DogDays kick-off in the downstairs of Sutra.
User Tags: @dijicam, @queenadine

Date: 4.18.14
Caption: The Sutra bouncer and the even bouncier Gomez girls.
User Tags: @mayraalejandragomez
Additional Comment: That time I finally got to meet Mayra’s other half and had trouble figuring out which one was the evil one.

Date: 4.18.14
Caption: Sup ma?
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: Then Alice Cooper stood behind us in line...

Date: 4.18.14
Caption: Wanted: 2 girls. Location: Greenwich Ave & W. 11th St. Manhattan. Clothing optional.
Tags: #twogirlsonecup

Date: 4.19.14
Caption: @jeremysco - bs 5-0 transfer into "bank." Rigged this spot and skated it for hours because...I don't know why actually but it was dumb fun!
User Tags: @jeremysco

Date: 4.19.14
Caption: @thatlookslikeadick
Tags: #vintageplayboy
Geo-tag: The Hoodie Shop
Additional Comment: How did nobody notice this prior to print?

Date: 4.19.14
Caption: Party at Odessa! Come hang...don't these dimes look excited?! No? Come change that...
Geo-tag: Odessa Restaurant
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk, @azmystic
Additional Comment: Exploiting them for customers…

Date: 4.21.14
Caption: Ang(le/el)

Date: 4.21.14
Caption: Impossible Project can suck it! On that #FUJIFILM wave...
Additional Comment: @_admin: “Marco will have a heart attack after this pic”

Date: 4.25.14
Caption: #tfreport #pedicure across the street courtesy of @heyemilieschwenk
Geo-tag: Top A Nail of East Village
Additional Comment: First pedicure…

Date: 4.25.14
Caption: @mdfilms prefers to wallride into tricks. Ollies are later'd.
Additional Comment: I miss skating with Mark.

Date: 4.25.14
Caption: @mandibleclaw #selfiebomb check his Insta for the result...
Additional Comment: See next for his photo…

Date: 4.25.14
Caption: Double up game too strong
Additional Comment: From @mandibleclaw’s account.

Date: 4.27.14
Caption: Kittens sometimes wander to our picnics...
Geo-tag: McCarren Park

Date: 4.27.14
Caption: @matt__town - wheels of fire!
Additional Comment: Matt being filmed by Colin in Washington Square Park at night.

Date: 4.28.14
Caption: @julius_seizure_ the don.

Date: 4.29.14
Caption: @dijicam and her art.
Geo-tag: The Cooper Union
User Tags: @dijicam
Additional Comment: Always try to see Mimi’s work because it is always rad.

Date: 5.2.14
Tags: #fbf
Geo-tag: Sunshine Cinema
User Tags: @theoriesofatlantis, @mystaticlife
Additional Comment: The new Static video finally premiered!

Date: 5.3.14
Caption: Standard.
Geo-tag: 88 Park :)
Additional Comment: Big boy on a scooter going in.

Date: 5.5.14
Caption: Thom & Taylor shredding the spot!
Tags: #skaterock #bandswillmakeherdance #thomandtaylorsexcellentadventure
User Tags: @epiclytaylerd, @themanwhofilms

Date: 5.6.14
Caption: #skaters...
Tags: #666 #skatespotwashere

Date: 5.8.14
Caption: Staring out the window at the rain, wishing he was in sunny Mexico for @dirtydigits & @aliyahmm 's wedding. Hardly understanding that he is but a cat, and cats don't usually go to destination weddings. Look! A pigeon!
Additional Comment: Didn’t get to make it out to Mexico for the wedding, but at least I wasn’t alone in that regard.

Date: 5.8.14
Caption: Emilie got a new bike today!
Geo-tag: Dave’s Warehouse
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk

Date: 5.12.14
Caption: TriBeCa wild cat.
Tags: #newyorkgeographic
Additional Comment: I stay lurking on cats.

Date: 5.15.14
Tags: #TriBeCa
Additional Comment: Rooftop gardening…

Date: 5.17.14
Caption: Will be tending bar at Sing Sing tonight with @mort3kai & @joyluv. Come see us! I think @lhdnyc might be bar backing too.
Tags: #alcoholandkaraoke #securitycamselfie #yeahwecanseeyoufingerblastingintheprivaterooms
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: Started working at Sing Sing.

Date: 5.18.14
Caption: Customers may or may not know we can see them having sex in the private rooms...
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: This used to happen quite a lot.

Date: 5.19.14
Caption: @czankj with some typical Canadian gnar...casual back tail shuv to warm up. @lewiscruise
User Tags: @czankj
Additional Comment: NBD

Date: 5.19.14
Caption: "You think I look like a cop?" - Chris Herity
Geo-tag: Labor Skate Shop
User Tags: @precious_chris
Additional Comment: Yes.

Date: 5.21.14
Tags: #instagram

Date: 5.21.14
Caption: #camerajoe with the big rig.
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts & Letters
User Tags: @joebressler
Additional Comment: #camerajoe

Date: 5.22.14
Caption: FIT dimes.
Tags: #FITgraduation #FIT2014
Geo-tag: Javits Center
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk, @fernpoppin

Date: 5.23.14
Caption: 10 (Coronas) DEEP.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
User Tags: @josephdelgado
Additional Comment: When Joseph used to come in and sing karaoke in Spanish. This day he decided to see how many Coronas he could drink…

Date: 5.23.14
Caption: Darnell killed it at karaoke today! Talk about stage presence...
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
User Tags: @azurite_blue

Date: 5.25.14
Caption: Eye in the sky sees your noble attempts, sir. Sorry she shut you down after this.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A

Date: 5.26.14
Caption: Go home,'re high.

Date: 5.26.14
Caption: Come see me at Sing Sing today. Here until close. Ave A & 5th St. $3 beer, $4 well drinks until 9.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: This is when I got a text from the manager to stop posting these, haha.

Date: 6.6.14
Caption: My new complete is so sick...just look at it down there.
Additional Comment: Was trying a trick on the railing next to the East River and lost my brand new complete to the water (first day). Then went and got my old complete and bought a new deck for it, went back for redemption, and lost that one in the water too.

Date: 6.7.14
Caption: #christmascomplete #part2 shouts to everyone that rallied to help me piece together a new skateboard...with all brand new parts! @laborskateshop @nitrohydro @epiclytaylerd You guys are amazing.
Additional Comment: My friends are so chill.

Date: 6.9.14
Caption: Shout out to the guy who punched through one of the windows at Sing Sing. Hope you liked being run down and tackled by our bouncer and porter (John & Rafael). But for real, shouts to those guys for being G.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A

Date: 6.10.14
Tags: #tiltedperspective #underboob

Date: 6.10.14
Caption: New kid in town.
Tags: #faceoff #expresslane
Additional Comment: Finally! Used the check from a gig I did to finally upgrade.

Date: 6.10.14
Caption: Come sing some Marilyn Manson with me. At Sing Sing until 10. Happy hour until 9: $3 beer, $4 well drinks.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: The first time I actually sang at Sing Sing. If you have seen me sing there, you have seen me sing The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson.

Date: 6.14.14
Caption: Sometimes your face supernovas...

Date: 6.14.14
Caption: Current favorite obstacle at this spot. Let's see how long it lasts. Nosegrind from flatty to flatty.
Geo-tag: Bushwick Tf Midwest
Additional Comment: Best obstacle this spot ever had.

Date: 6.14.14
Caption: We are watching you.
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts & Letters
User Tags: @nitrohydro
Additional Comment: Still guarding art.

Date: 6.14.14
Caption: More like "missing griptape."
Additional Comment: Jeremy Cohan didn’t think my joke was funny.

Date: 6.18.14
Caption: Out here.
Geo-tag: Coney Island Boardwalk
Additional Comment: Almost nice enough for the beach…the water was freezing though.

Date: 6.19.14
Caption: Rainy days at the beach are chill.
Geo-tag: Fort Tilden National Recreation Area
Additional Comment: Rainy but super fun beach day with Nicole and Emilie.

Date: 6.19.14
Caption: You are a terrorist if you don't like this.
Tags: #sandybutt
Geo-tag: Fort Tilden Beach
Additional Comment: Shot some cool photos this day…on my camera(s).

Date: 6.20.14
Caption: Dro and Mark dropped linoleum off yesterday so we can have #bboy sessions on my roof. Where you at @april_joy_ ?
User Tags: @grafluxe
Additional Comment: Still haven’t use it again. :(

Date: 6.20.14
Caption: @caterinamandarina is pretty disappointed in @leothelipski 's skating. Land your trick, Leo...
Additional Comment: When you bring your girlfriend skating with you…

Date: 6.21.14
Caption: Shouts to the little shark homie at the beach.

Date: 6.21.14
Caption: Sneak peek of some photos at Tilden with a couple hotties.
Additional Comment: Instax photo from the day at the beach with Emilie and Nicole.

Date: 6.21.14
Tags: #washingtonheights #nofilter
Additional Comment: Skating around Washington Heights on Go Skate Day and it was definitely fire hydrant season.

Date: 6.22.14
Caption: Standard Orchard Street.
Geo-tag: Shut Skates
Additional Comment: Kyle and Wolf.

Date: 6.26.14
Tags: #youknowwhattimeitis
User Tags: @bearfrex
Additional Comment: Made it down to Tallahassee for the first time in years. Everyone smokes a lot of wax.

Date: 6.26.14
Caption: Try not to laugh. Ben and Ryker.
User Tags: @benkilpatrick
Additional Comment: Ben was in town too!

Date: 6.27.14
Caption: Dogs are weird.
Additional Comment: Elvira was part bat.

Date: 6.28.14
Caption: From Florida with love...
Geo-tag: Cherokee Sink
User Tags: @bearfrex
Additional Comment: Went to the flea market and sink hole with Clare!

Date: 6.28.14
Caption: Went flying today. Photo: @bearfrex
Geo-tag: Cherokee Sink

Date: 6.29.14
Caption: Beach day with my frenz.
Geo-tag: Saint George Island State Park FL
User Tags: @gabrii33, @uselesswoodentoys, @bearfrex, @breaka_mane, @phazerwon, @benkilpatrick , @ewwyounasty

Date: 6.29.14
Caption: That new new by @tattuten
Geo-tag: Forever Young Tattoo
Additional Comment: First new tattoo is a long time. Finally got to hang with Mike Tuten too!

Date: 6.30.14
Caption: Orly and myself. That's the dude I looked up to growing up.

User Tags: @phazerwon

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