Thursday, December 04, 2008

You're All I Need

I just bought a new camera on Tuesday, this one:

It is the Panasonic LX3. I got it in silver (mostly since they were out of black, the silver was $20 cheaper and I didn't want to wait). I have been looking into this camera for over a month now, but kinda pushed it back in my mind and didn't really think of it until Monday when Allen Ying IM'ed me about my thoughts on it. Basically we convinced each other to get it and met up on Tuesday and bought them from B&H. I have been reading through the manual and this camera is pretty much amazing for a digital point and shoot. I just need to put it to the test. I took some test shots yesterday in the park during my lunch break. You can check them out here:

Now that I have a good p&s camera, I will be totally making more photo updates than I have been.

If you wonder where I have been, I have been hanging out on the Thrasher Message Boards. Go register and get down. Type and Destroy!

Here is a promo for North End (not sure what that is, but the promo is sick):

Now listen to this and get as hyped as you did in '95!

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