Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SNL Governor Paterson Impression

So apparently NY Governor Paterson was not amused by the Fred Armisen impression of him on this past week's Saturday Night Live. I guess he was disappointed in how spot-on it was: from the look to how he got into office to his views. Paterson now knows that he has not gone unnoticed. I love how it is all fine and good for any other group to be targeted, but once you come after the disabled, you are going to far. Let's see. SNL has made fun of fat people, retarded people, muslims, woman, blacks, hispanics, jews, gays, WASPs, christians, southerners, the whole state of Illinois (and others), the French, NYers, etc. etc. etc. It seems like everyone is fair game, just don't come after the physically disabled...please. Where were you when they made fun of fat people, Paterson? That is considered a disability now. Maybe they are below you. Afterall, you are proposing a 15% tax on sodas that are not diet in NY. Yeah, that is going to solve all the state's financial problems. Anyway, here is the video:

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