Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cloud Spit

I like this ad. Apparently those bikes are between $3-7k.

There are a couple other ones, but they weren't as good as that one.

Speaking about ads, watch this. I really like deadpan humor and I am keen on the delivery. "Two cannibals are eating a clown, one says to the other, 'does this taste funny to you?'" Perhaps it is because I have been a fan of Paul Harvey.

Remember when I posted these shoes months back and said that I wanted some? Well, they are finally coming out, but cost a whopping $110. I retract the statement of me wanting them. I wanted to skate in them so that the hounds-tooth appeared when the denim wore down. But if I even wasted $110 on these, there is no way I would skate in them. Lame.

That is it for now. I just need this rain to let up so that I can get some skating in. My legs are withering away...

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Bob D said...

I do remember those shoes, so let me say this -- I told ya so.