Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some excuses and (empty?) promises...

So, I am pretty stoked on skateboarding these days...but that usually comes from doing it a lot, and also do other things involved with it (more details on that coming soon). Eitherway, I am still working on the barrier clip. I know, I have been saying that for months. The reason it has been taking so long is because, frankly, not too many can skate barriers and those that can don't really want to all that much. This has resulted in the footage coming in very slowly...and everyone I skate with thinking I pretty much only like to skate barriers. A few more tricks were filmed the other day, now I am just waiting to see what Leonard can send me before I finish it.

Speaking of Leonard, watch this and hold on to your jaw!

I am also about to begin working on this year's Halloween clip, which will be posted on Halloween day (no pushing that one back). It should be fun times with good people and rad scenarios. Remember last year's?

Well to hold you over, though there is a good chance you already have seen these, here are some clips I have liked a lot recently:

Elwood - Dressin' for Recession East Coast Tour Video

Toebock's Daf Oregon Montage

Fourstar's Euro Tour:

Gang Of Fourstar from Crailtap on Vimeo.


That's not true.

Act like a cat.

So So Vegan.

Oh yeah, Pharmacy is working on a new video!

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