Thursday, October 29, 2009

Naysayer Skateboards

So the "thing" I have been talking about is officially more than a thing now. Please welcome out of the womb, Naysayer Skateboards. I have been been planning this company for probably 5 years now, though the original plans where to do it in 2010. Well, I decided not to wait that extra year and just go for it now. Don't worry, it isn't just a "good idea" I had one day, just to get bored with and and let it fade out the next. I am all in on this one. Check out the site and have a look around. Our team is legit and our wood comes from Chapman (out of Long Island).

The Halloween video I have been working on is going to be a Naysayer clip and is coming together nicely. I posted some photos from some of the madness on the site but here are some samples.

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andtrevor said...

looks dope mate! skate companies for everyone! also paycuts