Friday, October 16, 2009

Pending Entertainment

I spend some time working on the elusive barrier clip and it is coming out pretty well. It is mostly edited (minus Leonard's footage I am waiting on). I just need to work on some color correction and figure out a song. This progress, especially when you factor in times when months have gone by without so much as filming a single clip for it. It will feature skateboard maneuvers by myself, Alan Siegler, Conor Fay, Leonard Houx, Taji Ameen, Dylan James, Greg Pachell, and many others.

In other news, check out the trailer for YOUGOTTAGETTHAT! featuring Scotty Moore, Kyle Berard, Gilbert Crockett, Bobby Worrest, Mike Peterson, Dan Murphy, Brett Abramsky, and others. It looks sick and I am looking forward to seeing it. It is heavily southeast skewed.

Another independent video that is coming out soon is Flow Trash. It is out of the Twin Cities and looks proper. The guys that made it are the same guys that made Boondoggle. I am not sure who any of the skaters are other than Davis Torgerson, but that doesn't really matter. Watch the promo and get hyped:

And lastly, for you vegan's out there trying to figure out what skate shoes are animal friendly, I emailed Emerica and Adidas to ask but only Emerica responded and here is their current list:

Francis Black Tan
Francis Lo White Purple Gold
Laced White
Laced White Purple Gold
Mob Black White Red
Reynolds 3 Royal White
Reynolds Cruisers Navy White Gold
Reynolds Cruisers White Purple Gold
The Archer Animal
The Archer Black Blue Purple
The Archer Black Pink
The Archer Light Grey


panda said...

here a place that suppostly only deals in vegan skate shoes..

elastic back said...

awesome! thanks, man.