Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"those kids are so cute and awesome. fed up with the cold and 7!! haha" - Camille

My nephew, Eman, is pretty much obsessed with Africa (Kenya, in particular). Last time I went to go see him, he kept showing me his rock from Kenya and saying that he wanted to go there. He wanted me to take him there in the plane that he thinks I live on. I convinced him that his best bet was to draw pictures of himself in Africa and to pretend, which my sister said that he did. Well, Camille sent me a link to this article and said "This will be Eman's idea in the future too, I bet!"

I am in the process of trying to get a key to the Autumn Bowl for a couple months this winter. I need a go to spot when the weather sucks and I need to skate more transition.

That is Alan with the BGPs in this photo of Pat Smith doing a stalefish. Alan might be going in on a key with me. If so, expect a full Alan Siegler Bowl part one day (maybe).

Are you familiar with FailBlog? Well, it is by the same people that do LOLCats and I have been getting into a lot more lately. They have some pretty entertaining videos in their YouTube Channel too. Like this one:

Nothing like seeing a girl scorpion.

or this:

He must be a committed reporter if he could finish his broadcast after that.

or this hog embarrassing a lion (you know it is embarrassed):

or this:

I can go on forever with these, so I will just give one last one:

Where has Leonard been? Anyone know?

I have been taking a lot of photos with my LX3 and will be posting some of them soon. I have been sorting through them and need to edit some first.

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