Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Mess With Taxes

A couple years back, Crailtap had a contest for a t-shirt design that tied a celeb with a jail record in with the brand. I think they had one with Paris Hilton as an example. Anyway, around that time, the whole scandal about Wesley Snipes being on the run from the IRS was all over the papers, so I submitted this:

Here is the Paris Hilton shirt:

Anyway, here are some more photos that I have taken recently-ish. I will go with a Christmas theme since scientists ruined it anyway.

I went to Rocafeller Center after work one day to get a picture of the tree for my mom (and since I only work like 3 blocks away). It took me 20 minutes to swim through the crowds of people from a block away to get to it, get the photo, and get back. Not fun by any means.

They had all these weird, random figures set by by the Christmas tree in my apartment building for like 2 months.

We scoped out the light show they do at Grand Central every year during the holidays.

My mom and I got disposable camera that we are going to take all the photos on and mail them to each other to develop for the surprises. This is one I took with mine.

It was hard to capture the light show in a photo, but I tried.

Sharp had a huge tree made out of TVs in there.

Lastly, this is a snowman melting in someone's yard. Not sure what that phallic thing sticking out of the head was supposed to be though...

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