Monday, April 09, 2007

In this way the first instinct came into being: the instinct to return to the inanimate state.

Happy Easter everybody! I hope that Jesus rose from the dead in all of your hearts. To celebrate, i bequeath to you a Bible quiz! How did you score?

Apropos of the Bible, did you know what Jesus' last words on the cross were? Many people think that they were:

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani.(Mt 27:45-46)

Actually, Jesus' last words, as recorded in the synoptic Gospels were:

Yeah, I got some last words. Fuck all y'all. (Mt 25:26, Mk 26: 10, Lk 30:21)

and in the Gospel of John:

I really hate you guys. (Jn 34:18)

Anyway, as mentioned, Eby visited.

I got a lot of this sort of thing.

Then, Eby, having left, i hope for him, sufficient destruction in his wake, his legs shown--by way of a series of hammers dropped in close proximity--to be much stronger than mine for the extended weekend filiming mission, returned to New York with the pictured bag--containing two dozen-donut-boxes of various vegan, "voodoo" donuts for his, one could say, special lady-friend, Camille.

Today I skated Lincoln HS and Burnside.

I have also been reading Henry James' The Golden Bowl. I decided to read it because Žižek wrote about it. But, whew! I read a chapter or two and I need to take a nap.

Anyway, I am going to London in two weeks for an interview at the Institute of Education. I need to present a written lesson plan for 12 year olds. I will also arrive for the opening of white grounds--an amazing 'adapted' skatepark in an unused service tunnel. So, there is is: teaching religion to high school students in the United Kingdom: my future staring back at me.


tom foolery said...

i got a 21 on the bible quiz. i'm a barely passing catholic!

camille said...

i totally did not eat all two dozen of those (amazingly delicious, addictive, vegan) donuts. but i did eat about 14 in 3 days, haha.