Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So updates have been pretty slow on here, but that is mostly due to Naysayer taking up so much of my time. I am not going to just let this blog die, but I also won't be updating it too often...until I can afford to get more help with Naysayer. Anyway, here are some things you should check out:

Western Edition's Ten Year Anniversary Montage

Western Edition 10 Year Video from Western Edition on Vimeo.

Nozbone Skateshop in Paris, France put out a pretty awesome video and posted it online for a free download.

Lil' Wayne and Eminem just put out a track together. There is no video in this clip, just audio, but it is pretty good. I can't image how the radio edit would sound, however. Let's hope the censors go the Snakes on a Place route for some LOLs.

The Boston Globe is putting out a year in pictures for 2009, and the first installment has some pretty epic photos. This one was my favorite:

Mashable posted their top ten viral videos. Some you have probably seen, some you may not have. Most are impressed by this bike one (though I liked the Signs one best):

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