Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Eye Candy

Here is some old Frank Gerwer footage from back when he lived in Long Island.

I was skating KCDC yesterday and this new dude from the midwest, Tim Bennett, was working there. He skated the ramp and watching him was one of the funnest things. He has a bunch of fun tricks that he pulls out of nowhere in rad lines on the miniramp. Here is some footage I found of him skating LES with some other guys, he is second to last:

While you are watching all these clips, why not watch Jason Adams get rad in in this part they posted on Strange Notes?

I also got my coffin of goodies from the Osiris/Corey Duffel Contest win. It includes: a Foundation board, some Pig wheels, Venture trucks, a couple hoodies, a few shirts, some Skull Candy headphones and ear buds and speaker dock for an iPod, a bunch of stickers, some leather belts I can't wear, a bag big enough to hold a complete, 2 pair of shoes, and 2 vouchers for shoes. Not bad at all. Here are some flicks.

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