Friday, April 24, 2009

Machine Gun Funk

So Battle at the Berrics 2 is coming up. Have you made your picks for who you want to be in the battle? I did:

As many of you know, Billy Rohan threw another King of Spring event last weekend, but this time it was uptown. He even did a course preview prior. You can find photo recaps here and here and some video via Steve Marino on his site Square Films here, hosted by Rodney Torres (the video, not the event).

As I have mentioned before...working on an all barriers clip, in homage to the Barrier Kult. Just added some much needed bondo to the Greenpoint Barrier the other day...

I'm going to try to session it a bit today...hopefully I can get some fools to come out and skate it with me. Taji might.

So I just saw the new Corey Duffel part that Strange Notes posted. It is pretty sick, style aside. I am a bit bummed, however. At 1:34, he blunt fakies the Korean War Memorial in Tallahassee. I did that 3 years ago and haven't use the footage yet...

My homie Sam sent me this...

I'll leave you with this photo of Kocik frozen mid-bath. She is a curious one.

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