Thursday, November 06, 2008

WE x 48 Blocks - Pandemic Review

While visiting FTC Skateshop in SF, there was a video chock full of SF spots playing on the TV. I was told that it was a video called Pandemic – a Western Edition and 48 Blocks collaboration. I think it only cost $5 or something, so I picked it up.

I hadn’t gotten a chance to watch the video until last night, but it definitely made up for the time I wasted watching that movie Hard Candy right before it. First off, the soundtrack was pretty great. There was maybe one song in the bonus stuff that I didn’t like, but other than that it was prime hip-hop, instrumentals, and classics. From Masta Ace to InI (you can never go wrong with InI). The filming was fairly constant throughout, which is not the case with most videos (which are a mashup of many filmers and missions). However, the editing was probably what tied the whole video together very well. It wasn’t overly done, but the transitions and scenic shots were done very tastefully.

Nikil Thayer had the opening part and came through with his smooth, clean effortless style. It was a solid part with no filler. The next part belongs to Joey Johnson. I think Joey is a victim of circumstance, because his part was good…it just wasn’t up to par with what the others were doing. Lavar McBride is one of those ‘90s classic skaters who somehow managed to put out timeless parts as a little kid. Well, Lavar is all growns up, and it shows. He still skates like the old Lavar in respect to doing almost everything switch (and slightly sketchy), but his style is a bit more mature and he isn’t hoping down things as much. While I am not a fan of his pushing (and definitely not of his switch-mongo pushing) his part came together in a way that maintains his credibility. The last part went to Nate Keegan, whom I have not seen much of to date. His last part positioning was truly well deserved. I am definitely a fan of this Nate now. The way Nate skates is original in that he approaches things differently. He may not do the most creative tricks on the most creative spots, but his approach and trick sequencing is what sets him apart and makes him memorable…plus his two songs were pretty great to top it off.

There were two montages thrown in at various points, one for 48 Blocks and the other for Western Edition. They both had great footage from friends and teammates that added to the very SF vibe of the video. AND it didn’t seem like most of this was throwaway that the friends just gave them because they didn’t care about it.

I’m backing Pandemic. I mean, what else are you going to spend the $5 on? A gallon of gas? That won’t get you down the block. Pop this in and get psyched to skate across the city!

Oh yeah, Brad Comer is on Krooked. Click here to watch his introduction footage. (Click the Quicktime symbol on the bottom of the page)

I have never heard of this kid before, but he rips!

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