Monday, November 10, 2008

Celebs and Updates

I was looking through some of the popular videos on YouTube and came cross a video by Hayden Panettiere. I think she is one of the girls on The Hills or one of those shows.

Don't worry about listening to the whole thing, just listen enough to get the feel for it. I thought that it sounded pretty familiar. It seems like she is use the same person to write her songs as Paris...not positive, but they sound very similar.

No wonder I have trouble find any new music worth listening to.

Anyway, to skateboarding. I randomly thought about that Way of the Warriors contest that the Wetboys won a couple years ago and searched it out. Click here to check out the entries for 2008 and see who won. While the entries were good, I just didn't see any that stood out as "having it" this year. There is always next year...and depending on where I am living, I may want to enter. I wanted to enter this year but forgot...oh well.

Justin has updated Popills with a 16mm clip from his recent trip to Chile. Speaking of, the New Thirsty video is now available for sale. If you don't see it in the shops, click on the picture below to buy it online.

I don't know if I have posted this before, but watch this clip from Post22. I want to skate that satellite dish so bad. I think it is in Raleigh, and while I am going to Charlotte this weekend, Charlotte is nowhere near Raleigh.


bob said...

more hayden panitierre. less skateboarding.

elastic back said...

my girl told me that she is from heroes not the hills...whatevs. they all look the same.