Wednesday, August 06, 2008

They call me the snowman, cuz I got those flakes, man.

Paine Webber
Park Ave. Banks
Bubble Banks
Breezy Ledges
Hallmark Building

Does that sound like a fun midtown session to you? Apparently it didn't to the 4 slackers that flaked out on me last night leaving me to skate alone with an unnecessarily heavy bag (due to camera gear). Posers.

Things like that make me anticipate moving out of NYC more and more. People seem to be more motivated elsewhere. Whatever, gotta make due in the meanwhile.

On a more positive note, Leonard interview in the works. Look out for that tomorrow or Friday.

Alan, (even though I am mad at you) you are next in the interview queue. First question, why do you flake on me?

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Alan said...

Damn man, a bit harsh you think? I believe it is exactly the opposite of lack of motivation.

When you don't have much time at night, figuring out a spot becomes more of a question of; where can I go to get the most amount of skating in?

I would much rather spend my time actually skating something than cruising around spot to spot trying to get a single trick. Sorry you feel that my decision was flaking man.

- A