Monday, October 30, 2006

Kids from the Windy City sometimes get busy with the wind in Jersey City

So I decided to make a hike out to Jersey City yesterday to skate Hamilton with Matt and Gary Rzeszutko and upon leaving the Path Train we were greeted with (what seemed like) hurricane force winds. It felt like gravity lost its direction and ended up moving in the wrong direction (horizontal). We got some amusing footage playing in the wind that I will post when I get a chance to make a little clip. I never realized how much wind can wear you out...

I sometimes imagine how awesome it would be to hold a political position, such as a mayor of a city. I guess when you do things like force police to write more tickets and end up getting 5 for a broken headlight, it may not be that awesome after all.

Classified ads can yield the most entertainment in the fewest words:
'I've divorced better men than you. And worn more expensive shoes than these. So don't think placing this ad is the biggest comedown I've ever had to make. Sensitive F, 34.'
At least they have Mr. Lif on the homepage...

That is a lot of stairs to land fakie on. Props.

Video part of the day...native New Yorker, Mr. Frank Gerwer.

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