Monday, November 14, 2011

Existential Thoughts

Laying in bed feeling super sick leads to existential thoughts, apparently. I guess coming face-to-face with mortality will do that to you. Here we go:

When you die, what will you have been known for?
Did you make a mark and affect someone?
If you answered those questions, does that mean you live for others and not yourself?
If so, who is living for you?
Who is making life decisions with the intention of shaping your thoughts of them postmortem?
Are soul-mates real?
If so, did you find yours?
Is that role finite and can it be tarnished?
When were you most happy?
What must you change to make that last answer "now?"
When is it that you feel most comfortable? Why is that?

People say to live everyday like it is your last, but is that really sustainable or even enjoyable. Frankly, I enjoy the reassurance I have from "assuming" each day is not my last. I can also assure you that if I literally lived every day like it was my last, each day following would start off that much more terribly.

Have you ever felt that each day you have gone without love, is a day wasted? When I say "you have gone without love," I mean you have gone without actively receiving love (no, not talking about sex). Because, I would think, that most of us never go a day without loving someone else...perhaps multiple someone elses. If that is the case, how do you know who to love most? Does free will exist or are we programed to love one person?

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Passing out in 5...4...3...

Photo: Alison Scarpulla

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