Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I like using your camera because there is no pressure." - Jeremy

Last week I went with some homies (Budi, Beav, & Jeremy) to Philadelphia. The trip was a long time coming and canceled on occasion but we finally had solid plans. We kinda knew that it was going to rain but I didn't care since there was always a chance that it would stop. didn't. It pretty much rained the whole time. We decided to go to FDR first since it was covered and may be our best bet for a rain spot. For those of you that do not know, FDR is a skatepark built entirely by skaters under an overpass, similar to Burnside in Portland, OR. A lot of the park was wet, however. The miniramp was mostly wet, though slippery in a lot of places, one bowl was mostly dry and there were some parts of the main park that were kinda dry. Anyway, there is the footage that we got (we didn't intend to make a clip, Jeremy and myself just filmed some random stuff while there).

I brought my LX3 too but all I shot were a few photos of some graffiti in the park:

Fat <3 Poop

I took your mom's virginity (and she had you!)

Nice juxtaposition.

Totally not for straight women...

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