Sunday, June 08, 2008


What are they trying to say about Long Island? Speaking of rainbows, check out these crazed tattoos I found on BME:

I am not sure if they are serious about this one, but if That is the most randomly offensive thing I have ever seen. I am not sure who is is most offensive to: blacks, jews, or gays...

This must be the best lesbian tattoo ever.

Here are more tattoos that I found notable:

Girls in sushi?!

Pretty cool fusion of 3 skulls.

Don Qioxte skeleton tat.

The tattooer did a pretty amazing job on this one.

RIP, Heath.

Looks like art from Twist. Eitherway, it is pretty sick.

I have been feeling portraits done as simple line drawings, like these:

Bill and Bill.

Now, worse tattoo ideas:

Makes you want to date this person right away, no?


And the top honors for worst tattoo go to...

I typically do not like chest pieces, but these two look pretty sick.

This is the best chest piece I have seen...a franken-heart.

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