Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Doing (Big?) Things in '07

So I have been working too much to update, but I plan on putting together a clip of stuff that is essentially too wack for the video I am making. When that is done, it might entertain for a second...maybe. Speaking of, does anyone skate in NYC anymore?

Leonard is coming back from Portland next week to hold it down in New York for a bit, then off to the U.K. Sho is actually coming back from China the following week, but he will only be here for a month.

As a reminder...

This is Leonard

And this is Sho

The site is slacking but Substance Skateboards just added Ralph Murphy and Alan Siegler to their team of Rob Campbell. Rob Campbell and Alan Siegler will have boards dropping soonish...keep in mind, that is "soonish" for NY standards. I just found their MySpace page.

Here are the players in case you have no idea who I am talking about:

Ralph Murphy

Alan Siegler

Rob Campbell

Speaking of skateboarders...look out for that kid on Powell, John Motta. Dude is sick.

Mike Tyson is a gentleman. And he likes the word fornicate.

Leonard has the ill YouTube links.

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